Our Vision:

The Cooperative Network
Cooperative Association

A decentralized community governed non-profit association for cooperative thinkers, makers and doers.

Sustainability Research

A research program exploring the nature of sustainability, applied in developing organic operational architecture.

Collaboration Platform

An online collaboration platform for open innovation, social networking, and technical research and development.

Our Network:

A Non-Profit Startup

We are an interdisciplinary team of entrepreneurs and researchers collaborating on local projects while developing a global cooperative network. This network's mission is to design and maintain free and open infrastructure to help entrepreneurial and philanthropic communities cultivate sustainable and symbiotic cultural, technological and biological ecosystems.

What will this mean for you? A natural way to evolve your best ideas into successful projects, using community feedback and support. We want our network to support every phase of your project: from finding partners and raising funds, to developing and testing technologies, to marketing and distributing products and services.

To make this happen we need your help. We are looking for partners to join our leadership, help with fundraising and support for our local projects; if you are interested in working with us or simply want to give us some feedback or tips, email us at If you like our ideas, please help us spread the word!

  • Network Infrastructure

    We define our network infrastructure as the critical technological and sociocultural structures, processes and systems needed to facilitate sustainable community ecosystems.

  • Sustainable Ecosystems

    Our mission is to support sustainable biological, cultural and technological ecosystems, governed and operated by philanthropic and entrepreneurial communities in the private and public sectors.

  • Helsinki Ecocluster

    Our pilot cooperative is focused on ecological and behavioral urban design, engineering and architecture. Its main projects are a hardware startup incubator and a cultural ecopark.

Interested? Contact us!

We are always looking for new partners.

Our Team:

Small but Interdisciplinary
Matan Shenhav
Matan Shenhav
Chief Science Officer
Ziad Rizk
Ziad Rizk
Chief Operations Officer
Farnaz Roudsari
Farnaz Roudsari
Chief Design Officer
Cristian Coniglio
Cristian Coniglio
Chief Architecture Officer