Our Network:

Collaborative Communities

We are an interdisciplinary network of entrepreneurs, collaborating on various projects while developing open-source community ecosystem infrastructure. Our team specializes in applying information technology, life science and complex systems theory to the fields of design, architecture and urban planning. We take on paid and pro bono projects and engage in various competitions, hackathons and collaborations. Our philosophy is simple: make work play.

We emphasize organic over mechanic thinking, trying to replace rigid routine and closed institutions with flexible workflow and open communities. Our network is designed with the principles of lean operations and evolutionary methodology, developing an expanding and set of tools and heuristics. This modularity allows us to ensures success with tried-and-true approaches while experimenting with new operational paradigms. Like our style? We are always looking for new members!

The Fluxcraft Network will eventually be opened to the public as a social network for collaborative communities. This modular platform will be geared towards creating apps and analyzing data, empowering communities to shape their collective behavior and design spaces and objects for life, work and play. A marketplace for open-source technology and creative commons works would then allow people to share solutions and enrich the world with innovation.

  • Design & Architecture

    We design furniture, buildings and urban environments for tomorrow's communities. Our approach is holistic, defining the problem and context, then developing a concept of the overall function of the design and finally working out every detail to perfection.

  • Operational Support

    Our team offers operational support, helping organizations develop projects further. We strive to support the whole life cycle of a project, from research to conceptualization, design, fundraising, execution and marketing.

  • Research & Development

    In parallel to offering our services in various projects, we are keep close track of cutting edge science and technology and engage in our own research. We have several products and services in various stages of development.

  • Social Network

    We are working on a social network for collaborative communities, with a modular web app system for technical and operational purposes. In this way we hope to allow ourselves and others to develop and share their culture and technology.

Our Projects:

Labors of Love
Haven Islands

We collaborated with the Arkadia International Bookshop to compete in the Clean Vallisaari competition, which sought plans for sustainable ecotourism infrastructure for the islands of Vallisaari and Kuninkaansaari. Our ‘Haven Islands’ concept won honorable mention for its balance of nature with technology, user-centric service design and solid business plan.

Airo Island Incubator

In collaboration with the Airo Island Association, we are developing a sustainable hardware, design & robotics incubator in Vanhakaupunki. We are designing a state-of-the-art facility, with a makerspace, electronics & computing lab, wood & metal workshop and bioplastics lab, as well as regular coworking deskspace, meeting rooms, an auditorium and a library.

Ecotech Framework

Our team is designing a technological ecosystem: an integrated set of open-source software and hardware solutions. These include our upcoming social network, but also several hardware projects which – due to bureaucratic red-tape – we cannot yet publish. The ecotech paradigm means designing with the whole ecosystem in mind: organic, cultural and technological.

Our Team:

Small but Interdisciplinary
Matan Shenhav
Matan Shenhav
Chief Science Officer
Ziad Rizk
Ziad Rizk
Chief Operations Officer
Farnaz Roudsari
Farnaz Roudsari
Chief Design Officer
Cristian Coniglio
Cristian Coniglio
Chief Architecture Officer

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