Our Dream:

Collaborative Communities

We dream of a social network for collaborative communities: free and open infrastructure for creating apps, analyzing data and changing behavior together. Existing solutions are designed for rigid routine in closed institutions instead of flexible workflow in open networks. What is missing is a platform adaptable to specialized technical purposes, one that communities can easily customize to their needs. It's time for a space that frees us to make work play.

We are designing a simple yet powerful platform with custom apps - called widgets - as its basic building blocks. These widgets could be combined by anyone into new apps using a few clicks of the mouse. For example, you might make a new diabetes app by plugging a widget for calculating insulin dosage into a diet tracking widget. The widgets could still be programmed the old-fashioned way, allowing our platform to have accessibility without compromising power.

Collaborative communities need a way to curate their knowledge and technology. We want to provide them with powerful archives for storing documents, apps, code, data and blueprints. This content could then be shared with others or exchanged on an open marketplace under a variety of free or paid licenses. We plan to use all our spare resources to create and support free and open-source archives working towards sustainable community infrastructure.

  • Interactive Messaging

    We want to be able to embed apps into every message on our platform, making it easy to use apps together. It's time for a machine friendly social network, ready for the era of personal chatbots and the internet of things.

  • Adaptive Interface

    We are designing an intuitive interface to allow you to neatly organize your stuff the way you like it: sort manually for a personal touch or automatically by time, space, person, group or any other tag or category.

  • 3D Graphics

    A next generation online collaboration platform have a powerful graphics engine for viewing 3D schematics, maps and plots. This would also make our social network ready for virtual and augmented reality.

  • Technical Markup

    We want to freshen up technical communication using a simple markup language for inserting mathematical formulae and syntax highlighted source-code as well as functional app widgets into our messages.

Our Strategy:

Complexity from Simplicity
Lean Organization

Lean resource management is our survival strategy. We don’t have salaries or employees and our overhead is practically non-existent. We operate as a collective of entrepreneurs and researchers contracted ad-hoc on a project by project basis. Using our open-source framework for external contracts brings in some revenue while allowing us to improve our technology.

Agile Development

We strive towards streamlined agile workflow by bootstrapping and crowdsourcing development: designing basic building blocks that can be customized and combined by the user. We aim to develop frameworks for domains like coding, analytics, simulation, AI, CAD and GIS: foundations upon which communities could build complex and specialized app ecosystems.

Community Network

Fluxcraft is commited to becoming a community governed organization, held accountable by a non-profit association representing the Network’s members. For this reason, we ask for the community’s support in contributions of funds, feedback and skills as well as in spreading the word. In return, we pledge to design the Fluxcraft Network for your needs instead of our profit.

Our Team:

Small but Interdisciplinary
Matan Shenhav
Matan Shenhav
Chief Science Officer
Ziad Rizk
Ziad Rizk
Chief Operations Officer
Farnaz Roudsari
Farnaz Roudsari
Chief Design Officer

Get in touch:

email us at info@fluxcraft.net or use this form: