The Helsinki Ecocluster is collaborating with the Airo Island Association and the Museum of Technology to design Helsinki's first hardware startup incubator. This 900m² facility would include a startup coworking space, a 250m² hardware prototyping workshop, meeting and workspaces, an auditorium, a library as well as a kitchen, cafeteria and lounge. The Airo Island incubator will focus on three hardware development paradigms: AI & robotics, cleantech & ecotech, and design & architecture. Amongst others, target sectors would include consumer electronics, IoT, VR/AR, healthcare, construction, agriculture and R&D.

The hardware prototyping workshop would be divided into various functional spaces with specialized on particular tools or materials (see the map below). In addition there will be several smaller private workspaces in the workshop, allowing for confidential work on competitive intellectual property. Timeslots and workspaces in the workshop, as well as permanent deskspace, could be flexibly rented on a monthly, weekly or daily basis; limited temporary deskspace will be available for free, encouraging community engagement. This flexibility of space and time would make it possible to host various events, such as meetups, tutorials, hackathons, accelerator programs and conferences.

We are seeking corporate, academic and government partners to fund the construction of our workshop in return for long term contracts to host their own acceleration programs and events at the facility. But we can offer much more: as an open innovation center, the facility will be of great value in engaging the public with events and programs; additionally, we aim at global visibility: the Helsinki Ecocluster will use the facility as HQ for the Old Helsinki Ecopark, an ecological culture, design and technology park engaging partners and activities throughout the Vanhakaupunki and Arabia neighborhoods, attracting local and global tourism and interest by standing out on the world stage.