Cooperative Association

A Nonprofit for Thinkers, Makers and Doers.

In recent decades, information technology has facilitated a movement from closed and rigid institutions to open and fluid networks. We are developing a community governed cooperative network: a non-profit association that facilitates the design, creation and cooperation of legal entities. The idea is that people could join the network, find partners, and use legal document templates to quickly and easily form associations, businesses and cooperatives. These organizations could then be operated using our online platform, which would provide simple yet powerful tools for managing organizational resources.

Freedom is one of our most treasured values, and decentralized structure is the heart and soul of our network; we are committed to maintaining individuals' and organizations' autonomy in the network, as well as their ownership over their data and resources. This need for independence can be in tension with the need to regulate the network and discourage harmful behaviors, but all member individuals and organizations - whether created in the network or not - would always be free to leave, taking their data with them; since our platform would be open-source, they could do so without loosing the infrastructure they have come to rely on.

We are currently working with legal, administrative and political experts on our network constitution. We are rigorously designing our cooperative network to have a simple democratic community governance model that balances the needs of entrepreneurship and philanthropy, of private and public activities and of work and play. After this is complete we will build a modular legal document template system to facilitate the creation of various types of organization within the network. All of these documents will be released under liberal creative commons licenses to allow anybody to freely reuse them for any purpose.