The Old Helsinki Ecopark is an early stage plan for creating an ecological culture, design and technology park in the Vanhakaupunki bay and Arabia beach area. The idea is to foster a collaboration between the local community and various organizations with a stake in the area, including associations, businesses, governmental and academic institutions. The goal is to promote sustainable urban development of the area, improve quality of life for locals and create an appealing, educational and inspiring attraction to local and international visitors.

The Helsinki Ecocluster will function as the administrative and coordinating team for the project, responsible for designing and implementing the project. The team would be held accountable by the local communities and partner organizations; these stakeholders will set clear guidelines for the project, approving overarching strategies while leaving day to day operations to the team. The Ecocluster will be responsible for facilitating activities of stakeholders in the park, creating a forum for them to participate in the planning process.

To kick this off, the Ecocluster will begin organizing a series of events on Airo Island in 2017. These will include workshops, lectures, discussion groups and cafe evenings open to the public. In this context we hope to begin to engage the local community and potential partner organizations in a dialogue about this project, as well as other topics of interest to the community and the Ecocluster. If you are interested in organizing an event with us, please contact us.