While developing our global network, Fluxcraft is setting up its pilot cluster - the Helsinki Ecocluster - to collaborate with local organizations to develop projects in the Helsinki metropolitan area. The Ecocluster's R&D is focused on applying ecological and behavioral science and information technology to design, architecture, engineering and urban planning. It strives to sustainability by designing for and with ecosystems. The Ecocluster will operate as a cooperative association, a loose collective of researchers, entrepreneurs and philanthropists collaborating on various projects.

In collaboration with the Airo Island Association, the Ecocluster is designing a hardware startup incubator focused on sustainable hardware design. In collaboration with the Arkadia International Bookshop, the Ecocluster developed the Haven Islands concept for the Clean Vallisaari competition, winning honorable mention in for its balance of nature and technology, business plan and organizational structure. With both these partners, we are developing plans to organize an ecological culture, design and technology park in Vanhakaupunki and Arabia.

The Helsinki Ecocluster is recruiting! We are open to anybody with relevant skills interested in joining us or collaborating with us, but we are looking for specific help with certain projects. We could use electrical and mechanical engineers to help with our hardware incubator; we are also looking for a geoinformatics and urban-planning experts to help us with our ecopark, and - eventually - in developing a GIS system for the Fluxcraft platform. If you are interested, drop us an email at info@fluxcraft.net!