We are an interdisciplinary team of entrepreneurs and researchers collaborating on local projects while developing a global cooperative network. Our network's mission is to develop and operate free and open infrastructure to help entrepreneurial and philanthropic communities manage sustainable cultural, technological and biological ecosystems. Our approach combines life science, operations research and architectural thinking into an unique methodology designed to tackle the sustainability challenge.

Our Vision

We envision a place where people can turn their ideas into successful projects: a network that helps makers and doers find team members and raise funds, form legal entities and develop and produce technologies, and even market and distribute products or services. To achieve this, our network is committed to developing sociocultural infrastructure in the form of a non-profit association and technological infrastructure in the form of an online collaboration platform. Together these would support an ecosystem of organizations, projects, designs and technologies created and operated by members of the network.

The association would support the legal aspects by providing legal document templates, allowing members of the network to quickly and easily form cooperatives, companies and non-profits. These so-called clusters would be official yet completely autonomous parts of the network, able to leave when they wish. The collaboration platform would support technical communication and collaboration, as well as project management and social networking. Interactive modular apps would be the heart of this system, allowing anybody to combine existing apps into new custom toolkits to solve niche specific problems.