Collaboration Platform

A Social Network for Organizations and R&D.

Collaborating on technical projects online is challenging, since existing platforms are not equipped to facilitate technical communication and specialized disciplines. We want to develop an online collaboration and social networking platform facilitates communication, research and development of specialized technology, science and enterprise. We want messaging that moves beyond multimedia to hypermedia, supporting communication of code, mathematics, 3D graphics and maps; most importantly, we want to embed apps and data in messages, allowing multiple users to interact with them simultaneously.

The heart of our platform would be a modular app system, allowing solutions to complex problems to be built from simple building blocks. These interactive building blocks could be programmed or built from existing blocks using an intuitive graphical interface. This would allow programmers to leverage powerful programming languages in creating a block, while allowing non-programmers to create truly novel applications and interfaces. We hope this would bridge the technical gap, allowing experts to crowdsource aspects of their work and the greater community to acquire technical skills.

We are currently sketching our system architecture, and are looking for a Scala ecosystem expert to be our CTO and lead system architect. This person would design a training program for these technologies, aimed at training the rest of the team and the community at large. They would also coordinate internal and external development team making barebones frameworks for various domains, such as operations, programming, model and data analytics, design and geographic information systems. This is part of our bootstrapping strategy of laying infrastructure to support a thriving open-source development ecosystem for our platform.